Sweet Slumbers

It's very rare nowadays that I get to watch my little girl sleeping. She usually wakes up before I do and has been playing and putting her boots on long before I open her door. This morning, she woke up asking for a banana at 6:30 am (waking up hungry has become a regular thing now that she is determined to not eat her dinner). I gladly picked her up and let her eat a banana in my lap, praying that she would go back to sleep afterwards. "Mama's bed?" she asked when she was all done. Now, normally I don't let this happen... mostly because she usually never goes back to sleep and instead pulls at my lips and pokes my eyes and sings until I give up all hope for more sleep. But today, she was so snuggly and I didn't want to let her go. "Okay. But we're going to sleep, okay?" I laid her on Sam's pillow, crawled into the covers next to her, and we both very easily drifted back to our dreams. I awoke around 9 am to a very peaceful little spoon in front of me. I think it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. She was so soundly sleeping that she didn't even stir when I snuck out to take these pictures.

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