Creative Mamas: Natalie of Nat The Fat Rat

Here we go again, y'all! This month, the lovely Natalie of nat the fat rat (her own beautiful and quite popular blog) is here to share her thoughts on mommyhood. She knows the ins and outs of strollering all over NYC, where she and her family of three currently reside.


Creative Mama No. 3
Natalie, 29.
son: Huck, 1.

What do you love most about being a mom?
I love everything about being a mom. EXCEPT not sleeping. I hate not sleeping. I especially love babies under the six month age. The more awkward and helpless they are the better.

What does an average day look like for you?
On an average day we'll wake up and lounge about the bedroom until nap time (I like to steal as much shut eye in the morning as possible), then after morning naps we'll get up and get ready and go run errands, or have some grand adventure. We come back home for afternoon naps and I try and get to some writing, or answer emails. When Huck is up from his afternoon nap we try and run the last of our errands, or hit a playground, before having dinner and pjs and snuggles and bed time. Brandon comes home from work between 8 and 9, so we'll catch up on each other's days and then it's time to finish my writing for the night. Usually, hopefully, I'm in bed before 1. Doesn't normally happen but I aim for it anyway ;).

What creative things do you do with your son?
Huck's still too young to do anything terribly creative, but we read together a lot and I do try to narrate whatever I happen to be doing with as much creative flourish as I can muster!

What things do you do to keep your sanity?
Every Saturday morning I let Brandon take Huck on a grand walk about the neighborhood. They go and get croissants at the bakery, check out the fountains at Lincoln Center, and people-watch, and I S-L-E-E-P I-N. It's glorious. No matter how rough my week is going, I always have Saturday morning to look forward to!

Where have you found encouragement/inspiration in motherhood?
I've really loved the encouragement I've found in reading other blogs. I think it's just the neatest thing. I mean, you know these other moms are dealing with tantrums, over tired babies, stressed out husbands, and messy kitchens too, it's just that they choose to be as upbeat as possible in their blogs and really focus on the wonderful moments. There are SO MANY wonderful moments. And it is such a blessing, that encouragement. 

photo by two if by the sea photography

What does "creative parenting" mean to you?
"Creative parenting" is more than art projects and having loads of craft supplies. I think it means using all of the talents you've been blessed with and using them to enrich your life, which is something you can do with kids or without. We're the makers of our lives, is the secret nobody wants to tell us. We're completely in charge, and our lives can be as glorious as we want them to be. We're in charge of creating that for ourselves, and, while they're small, for our kids as well. I just think that's so cool, don't you?

Totally! Would you share a craft, a creative tip, a recipe of your own, a timesaver, or an activity?
Our favorite time waster activity (good especially for the "witching hour" when NOTHING can go right and life is so hard for your babies) is to sing every song we know at the tippy top of our lungs while jumping about like maniacs. No kid can watch their mom act like a loon without laughing, and no person in their right mind can sing and dance and still feel frustrated. It works for maybe 5 minutes at a time, but sometimes 5 minutes is all you need to push through.

Thanks so much, Natalie. I love reading your blog and am so pleased that you could hop on over and share your two cents here!

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