Signs of Spring

It has been so gray lately.
Usually, Portland is gray (and wet) most all winter long, but this season has been so dry with so much sunshine, I haven't had time to adjust to winter.
Instead, I'm afraid, I've adjusted to sun and, now, I am losing all that Vitamin D... FAST. 
In attempt to give myself hope for what is to come, I went looking around my home for signs of spring. Here they are...

Sunflowers (brought home to me by the best Hubs ever).

Purple ground cover blossoming.

Ladies and gentlemen, my candy-cane tulips are making a comeback!

(along with all of the other tulips)

Salem's toys, which means it has been warm enough to play outside.

Freshly mowed grass, which means it is growing enough to be mowed regularly!

So, this I say to all of you, as well as to myself:
Do not lose hope!--a new season is just around the corner.

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