My diy ombre secrets...

I am seriously LOVING my hair right now.

One of the reasons this style was so appealing to me is because it has about ZERO maintenance. I can let my hair grow out like this and it will still look fab, because my roots are untouched! I'm so glad I decided to do it myself, because I saved a ton of moula. In total, I probably spent under $25 on everything. I DARE you to find a stylist who will do it for that much! That being said...

It ain't easy, though, folks!

To do this myself, I had to read countless tutorials and watch countless video tutorials in order to feel confident enough to DIY this dye. I saw a few flops, so I wanted to make sure NOT to do what they did. I went to Sally Beauty Supply three times total, I think, getting the right stuff... and then exchanging it for the better stuff.

I used:
(2) Beyond the Zone 40 Volume Bleach Kits
These were great because they included everything I needed to do the bleach (bowl, gloves, brush, etc)! I used two because I did the bleach in two rounds. In the first round, I mostly bleached the ends of my hairs (3 or 4 inches). I waited about 4 days to do the second round (so I wouldn't murder my hair), in which I reapplied to the ends, as well as higher up. The two rounds helped to create a more gradual fade.

(1) Light Ash Blonde toner by Ion Color Brilliance mixed with a
(1) 10 Volume developer also by Ion Color Brilliance
I knew I would need to put a toner on my hair to take out that coppery tone that often happens when bleaching already-colored-a-gagillion-times hair. The Ash Blonde has no hint of red in it, so it really helped to make the color look more natural (and less like Drew Barrymore here).

Things I learned:
  • If you don't feel confident enough trying this yourself, DON'T DO IT. 
  • Do not expect this hairstyle to make you look like the celebrity who inspired you (I watched a sad video tutorial of a girl who ended up dying over her ombre hair, I think because she didn't look as much like Alexa Chung as she was hoping to).
  • Separate your hair into two parts when bleaching like you're going to wear pigtails (wear pigtails, if your hair is shorter, to help keep things even!). This helps to keep your bleach even. 
  • Make sure you can see the back of your head!! DUH. Use two mirrors!
  • When you've applied the bleach, use a comb to brush down the highest part of the bleach down just a bit. This will help you to avoid a stark bleach/no bleach horizon on your head. I even used my fingers to work the bleach in up my hair a bit in some parts, to make it look more gradual and less harsh. 
  • Make sure that you SATURATE the areas you are bleaching with that bleach. You want ALL of your hairs to be bleached in those areas, not just the outside hairs. When in doubt, apply MORE. 
  • Check your hair every 15 minutes to see your progress until you get it to be as light as you want it to be. 
  • Remember that your hair needs to be lighter after bleaching than your desired end-result before you put on a toner, because the toner will do just what it says: tone it down! 
  • DO NOT attempt to bleach your hair twice and color it in the same day. Your hair will be murdered and most likely fall off your head.
Here is my absolute favorite video tutorial, for you folks who are thinking of DIY-ing it!


  1. Ahhh, it looks so amamzing!
    Nice job! Still blown away.

  2. I googled ombré hair and it led me to your blog. Your hair is just perfection!! I want to ombré my own hair, but mine is really dark, do you think I should go for the ash blonde? I really hate the orangey look! Thanks!!

    1. Aww thanks!! And yes, I highly recommend the ash blonde toner! Just make sure to bleach MORE than you think you should, because the toner will tone it wayyyy down!


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