What a beauuuuutiful Easter we had ourselves this year! It was sunny and warm, and oh so perfect.

We spent Easter Eve at the park by the community center hunting for eggs with a bagillion other kids (no exaggeration, I assure you). As soon as the hunt was on, the eggs (and there were a LOT of them) were all gone within minutes. The hubs mentioned that this must be what it's like when a plague of locusts descends on a crop. I really think he's on to something. Regardless of how short it was, it was fun. I made sure Salem picked up all the eggs herself, as I watched other parents scooping up armfuls for their "child's" stash. Ha.


The sugar high begins...

Portland Fire was there to offer their sirens as a starting noise for each hunt and to show off their engines. How timely that Salie has (thanks to Elmo Visits the Fire House) been very very interested in anything firefighter related. "Wow, that's cool!!" was her exclamation in seeing the engine. She was a little too intimidated to sit inside, but I think she was rather more excited about the fire-badge sticker one of the firefighters gave her.


Easter Sunday was so beautiful and relaxing. I continued my tradition of sewing Salie her own dress (for the third year in a row!), thanks to this pattern/tutorial. Church was wonderful and we had a delicious brunch at my folks' house afterwards (debuting my gluten-free hot cross buns), followed by more egg-hunting, relaxing, and an evening walk, in which the hubs so chivalrously carried me on his shoulders the entire trek back up the hill because I had a blister on my foot. He's a keeper, people. It was a day full of lots and lots of love.


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