Oregon Zoo

Salem has been talking about going to the zoo again for weeks now. "Maybe, we'll see." She says, instead of waiting for me to answer. At last, we had a dry (mostly) sunny day, so her wish was granted. It seemed like the perfect day for zoo-ing. No big crowds, lots of animals awake and playing. Salem is getting more and more determined to walk the entire trip by herself. She trails about ten feet behind me at all times, saying "I comiiiiing." She met a goat who was real keen on her and kept trying to give her kisses. It was really rather sweet. On the trail, somebody decided to run straight into a waterfall. "I all wet!" she said, smiling. "It feels good." I couldn't get a clear picture, probably because I was giggling. The game-of-the-day was trying to find the coolest leaf in the entire zoo. Finally, she decided on a winner: fern. It was a rather good choice, I think. I love my zoo adventures with Salie. I'm trying to cherish this time I have with just her. I know it will be harder to get in about five and a half months.














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