Independence Day

Lemonade, beer, wine, baked beans, hawaiian pork shish kabobs, chips and salsa, strawberry/blueberry shortcake...what a midweek break we had! It was a cozy front yard bbq with my family. My parents spent the entire afternoon and evening with us, eating and laughing. Sister and Sean stopped by for a bit to visit and then headed downtown for the big show. We had a little show of our own, which mostly consisted of really lame fireworks (thank you, Oregon) and really hilarious commentary/entertainment from the hubs. The park a block away from our house is a prime fireworks site shared by neighbors for many years. Salem got to stay up for late-night fireworks for the first time this year. She was a little apprehensive, but tried to enjoy them as she watched us oo-ing and awe-ing. Shortly after they really started going, she fell asleep. "Next time we want Salem to take a nap," I said to Sam. "let's just play a super loud recording of fireworks explosions and she'll be out like that!" Kids are so ironic sometimes.


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