if you love something, let it go...

For Christmas, Salem was given an insect lore butterfly pavilion--all you need to raise larvae and watch them turn into beautiful painted lady butterflies. Ironically, I think I enjoyed them the most, even though I have always been slightly terrified of butterflies. Today, it was time to let them go. We opened the top of the pavilion, but they didn't seem rushed to fly out, so I braved my fears and let them crawl onto my fingers, guiding them out into the world. It was wonderful to get such a close look at them. They really are lovely. Sadly, I watched the first two fly away only to get chased by birds (and most likely eaten for a tasty snack). The circle of life! is all I could think after the initial shock wore off. Luckily, Salem was not watching when that happened. The rest of the butterflies seemed to make it out alright. A few of them rested on a bush close by and I was able to snap some close-ups.


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