I have started homeschooling Salem during the week using the Five In A Row curriculum. It's all taught through a different children's literature book each week. Salem and I are both loving it and learning a lot together. Here's a sneak peek of some of our homeschool times.

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown (Pictures by Clement Hurd)...
Learning about pairs and counting by two by hanging up mittens and socks on a clothesline.

We made paper plate bunnies as we learned about rabbits and ate "mush" just like in the book.

With ideas from other bloggers and friends who use FIAR, we made moon paintings as we learned about the moon and its different phases.

Lentil by Robert McCloskey...

Using lemons, cacao powder, salt, and honey, we learned about our taste buds and how things can taste sour, bitter, salty, and sweet.

Salem does her best "Old Sneep" face (a character from the book).



We learned about charcoal, which is the medium Robert McCloskey used to illustrate Lentil, and drew our own charcoal pictures.

We took a field trip to the Heroes Memorial monument in Gresham to learn more about monuments.


Trying a hand at whittling, just like "Old Sneep" in Lentil, except we used soap and butter knives.

Learning about acoustics, Salem tested out the harmonica in the bathtub, which is Lentil's favorite place to play it.


  1. Proud Grammy here. Literature is a love passed down from my mother to me, from me to you, and now from you to your daughters. It can take you places where you may never have been able to go, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Even God knew how important literature would be as he has gifted so many with the ability to write. He blessed man with the ability to write the #1 best selling book of all time- The Bible.
    What a creative way you have carefully chosen to teach your children! I love you Rachael and am pleased and blessed so much by watching you be such a wonderful caring mother to your girls.

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